Logistics in Caspian Region requires many specifications because of geographical situation. Over the years, Suvari Shipping has gained this valuable experience in this area which manages all logistics operations for general, project, heavy lift and oversized cargoes.

Suvari Shipping provide regular & tramp shipping services during navigation season from Turkish ports including Mediterranean and Black Sea ports to the Caspian Sea through Volga-Don River route by using river type of vessels.

Suvari is also providing transshipments from the ports of Derince, Mersin, Izmir, Haydarpasa including all Turkish ports and at the same time we can handle all transshipment and transit formalities in the ports of Constanta, Poti and Novorossiysk to the Caspian Sea.

When the canal is closed in winter time Suvari provides service from Turkish Ports to the Caspian Sea Region and C.I.S. countries via Batumi and Poti Ports (Georgia) through railway.

Another exclusive and different service provided by Suvari is combining general cargoes and transit project cargoes for each project and to work out the find best all in one solution. Our project teams offer one-stop project coordination and execution to our supplier network from the personal consultation, the detailed planning, to the transportation via vessel. Hereby the company can be the supplier which has the most effective costs for Caspian region.

Suvari Shipping has a long history of experience with Caspian region projects. This experience comes from moving a wide range of power plants, facilities and components between production sites located in all parts of the C.I.S countries. It is an honour to be a member of the most sensible and biggest projects in this region. Please visit our Reference Projects page for further details about these projects.

  • Completed more than 400.000 cbm project cargo to Caspian
  • Around 70.000 mts general cargo to Caspian
  • More than 1000 containers to C.I.S. countries
  • We transported around 80.000 cbm and 400 km pipes to Caspian
  • %60 of the above services are B2B and %40 of these are B2C

We can use Volga-Don Canal from the beginning of April and the end of October.

We can provide services from Turkish Ports to Caspian Ports are rendered by direct ships without any transshipment.

When the canal is closed in winter time Suvari provides service from Turkish Ports to the Caspian Sea Region and C.I.S. countries via Batumi and Poti Ports (Georgia) through railway.

Please contact us for further information.

Please review our map for the Caspian Sea routes.

Suvari chartering team has capability to arrange right vessel in  exact position with correct timing to get your cargo its final destination. The relationships we have built over the decades in business, allow us to give the fastest and the most appropriate service with our highly professional and experienced in-house & competitive Shipbroker team. Every single step is taken with utmost care and as per our principals' instructions and authorizations. We are able to assist and render commercial or legal advices at any stage of a fixture.

We do fixing mainly in the areas of Caspian Sea, Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and European ports including Arabian Gulf. With customized combinations, we offer many tailored solutions for the global markets and especially in the Caspian Sea.

Suvari chartering team handles and performs hundreds of fixtures annually. Our team dominate an in depth knowledge of ships and cargoes and this knowledge is essential in chartering as it makes sure that the right contract has been made, the terms and clauses of the charter party reflect on the cargo and the vessel accurately.

Suvari Shipping Chartering Features:
  • Global contact list of shipbrokers and owners Fixing basis to
  • Turn-key projects providing door to door services
  • Fast turnaround of bookings, booking notes and charter parties
  • Fully compliant and classified vessels for chartering
  • Up- to- date advice on all required documentation and declarations
Fixing For the Following Cargoes:
  • OOG and Project Cargo
    earboxes, Storage Tanks, Generators, Transformers, Reactors, Modules, Turbines, Windmill Blades, Towers, Engines, Yachts, Cranes, Cement equipments
  • Dry and Bulk Cargo
  • General Cargo
  • Imo Class Cargoes

Suvari Ship Management ensures efficient operation of our clients’ assets, and maintenance of high standards with consistent and reliable service delivery. The company uses up-to-date software to cover various aspects of vessel management and provide financial, technical and operational information in a suitable and manageable form. Ship managing handles this for all the owned and managed  fleet.

Suvari Shipping provides uncompromised service to affiliated ship owners, domestic and international third-party ship owners. Our focus is on safety, environmentally sound operations, high quality maintenance programs and achieving customer goals. Services are tailored to the vessel and the needs of the client, from special projects to full technical management.

Suvari Ship Managing Service includes all of the services listed below, structured to meet any client’s individual requirements:

  • Technical Management
  • Crew Management
  • Vessel Inspection
  • Supervision & Consultancy

We offer a full port agency service at all the ports, all the shipyards, Bosphorus and Dardanel Straight in Turkey, designed to ensure your ships enter and leave port as quickly and efficiently as possible without incurring unnecessary delays and additional costs.

Our experienced team of specialists supports incoming ships with a round-the-clock service, 365 days a year. Our team’s knowledge of all aspects of marine operations gives you the opportunity to do what you are good at. Using our expertise of the market we provide a best-in-industry, tailor-made service all of our clients.

SUVARI AGENCIES has a thorough service record not only in dry bulk trades and conventional cargoes, but also in all aspects of tanker, product carriers and owners / husbandry matters also has a super attendance in oversize cargoes and project cargoes.

Our services include:

  • Full agency
  • Husbandry agency
  • Protective agency
  • Dry-docking agency
  • Strait agency
  • Assistance on all maritime surveys
  • Crew changes
  • Ship spares handling
  • Store provision
  • Bunker arrangements

+ and more

Should you need any further information please do not hesitate to contact our agency department.

Suvari Shipping project cargo department is exactly aware that special attention should be paid to transportation of out-of-gauge cargoes which is the most complicated type of carriage and requires specialized machinery, necessary permits, advance approvals, as well as many other conditions which are based on transportation requirements for this class of cargo. We have the necessary resources in house and the right network to offer solutions for project cargo operations, if it’s oversize, overweight and has a high value.

Our most important task is to understand our clients. So, if we talk about a project, first of all we understand our client. Secondly we make our research for the project and then we make planning and stowing plan. Planning is the most important step for a project. After that, we do the execution and follow our project plan. In this process, we walk together with our client on a 24/7 basis.

The experts of Suvari’s project cargo operation department have worked and provided successful, exclusive project cargo services to almost all surrounding countries in the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Caspian area, C.I.S. countries and Russian Inland Waterways by using river-type vessels. We are therefore well known for our reputation in these areas project markets offering turnkey project solutions for heavy lift, over-sized and out of gauge cargoes.

We can give a fully professional service for the cargoes; gearboxes, storage tanks, generators, transformers, reactors, modules, turbines, windmill blades, towers, engines, yachts, cranes.

We have shipped some of the most challenging projects. Kindly visit our photo gallery as below to see these excellent projects.